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July 27, 2015, 08:25:49 PM by Pepsifan04
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Bitl has released FIREFIGHT RELOADED to Steam Greenlight! He promises for the Steam version to be identical to the mod version, plus with native Achievement and Workshop support! Also, as he said before, the mod will be 100% free on both the Steam and mod versions!

VOTE NOW (click the image below)!

Also, the mod recently had a BIG update that adds in Manhacks and adds some new features. Check it out here:

February 16, 2015, 07:32:28 AM by BIZ
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To everybody sending me PM's about changing their name color on the forum...


February 12, 2015, 01:46:52 AM by BIZ
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Pepsifan04 has now set up a TeamSpeak server for the community to use. You will need to download TeamSpeak3 (not 2). The connection information is below so you can join the server and chat. Once again big thanks to Pepsifan04! Give him some +rep


Server IP: t9.gametris.com:8767
Pass: melikegames
February 02, 2015, 09:26:51 PM by BIZ
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Forum user Bitl has released an update to FIREFIGHT RELOADED. The latest version (now in pre-beta) adds several new features to the game. Among the new stuff are voice packs, new weapons, enhanced gore and the first iteration of the Custom Weapon System.  Fans of SMOD should download and take a look, and I will be posting up a video later about the new system and how it looks.

For now click below to view the updates and download the new version and don't forget to leave feedback, bug reports and suggestions on the FFR board.

January 25, 2015, 01:30:00 AM by Chr0n0Tr!gg3r
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Forum user Bitl just announced the newest edition in the Smod Series, Smod Firefight Reloaded. What is Firefight Reloaded? FIREFIGHT RELOADED is the sequel to SMOD: FIREFIGHT built on Source SDK 2013. This new mod aims to bring back the old-school style gameplay of older shooters like Quake, while integrating some SMOD-style gameplay themes into it.

December 9 was when the locked alpha was released to those who wanted to try the WIP project. Now  almost a month later later the pre-beta has been announced, with only half a month away I'm sure Firefight will be a huge hit with the community. I know I'll be getting it!

Stay tuned on Bsnooch to see when the mod will be released. The day it's released their will be another News Article with the download link.

Thanks for the update Bitl and here's to another Smod Classic!


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