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Author Topic: SMOD OUTBREAK Sunday concludes this weekend!  (Read 1651 times)

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SMOD OUTBREAK Sunday concludes this weekend!
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:25:41 AM »
If you haven't noticed by now, we have been streaming a playthrough of SMOD OUTBREAK over the past month or so every Sunday morning around 9-10 AM (GMT-8).

Make sure you tune in this Sunday to see the conclusion of SMOD Outbreak, as I take on the final chapter of the game "Follow Freeman". As always we will have commentary on the game and answer questions from the chat.

This week should be a very special episode as we have confirmed a full panel of guests including OneManShow, Spas, IneptGuard, and even veteran_gamer.

Make sure to follow the channel at Twitch.tv to be notified when we go live by email

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