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Title: An appeal to the Gods...
Post by: BIZ on February 10, 2015, 03:55:04 PM
Please Yanni hear our prayer...

Laser Trip Mine - Some sort of motion detection explosive similar to SMOD's msbomb (, even if its just a HL2DM SLAM style one ( They are great for making traps or restricting the player's access to certain areas. It would be nice to be able to filter what entity can trip the laser beam so we could set them to only go off when a certain entity touches them (or the player).

Money System - Enemies drop money so we can buy items. One of the ideas for the campaign is to have the player get most of their weapons, health and ammo from shops along the campaign.

Weapon Category Limiting - Just as SMOD had. I really want to be able to restrict the player to 1 melee, 1 primary, 1 secondary, & one special weapon. That way they have to really decide whether to keep a gun with low ammo, or to switch out for something else with more plentiful ammo. With custom ammo types this becomes even more dynamic as we can choke off certian types of ammo, making the choices even more important. :)

item_pick_random - An idea I thought of in the shower (lol). Essentially it spawns an item (or entity) chosen from a list, with weights to determine probability...This would be great also for the item shops as these could be used to randomly pick weapons for sale, and since they are controlled by a script, allows easy compatibility for users to add created weapons and custom ammos to the campaign. Would also be nice to have for the loot crates :) (,1591.0.html)

Mockup custom_item_list script:
Code: [Select]
"ItemLists" {

"StandardWeapons" {  // This is a custom list.
"weapon_smg1" "0.75"  // "weapon" "probability"
"weapon_shotgun" "0.5"
"weapon_ar2" "0.33"
"weapon_crossbow" "0.25

"RareWeapons" {
"weapon_smg1" "0.75"
"weapon_shotgun" "0.5"
"weapon_g3" "0.33"
"weapon_rpg" "0.25"
"weapon_crossbow" "0.25

"Ammo" {
"item_ammo_smg1" "0.5"
"item_ammo_pistol" "0.5"
"item_box_buckshot" "0.33"

Mockup MapAdd code:
Code: [Select]
"item_pick_random" {
"origin" "x y z" //spawned item should inherit origin and angle.
"angle" "p y r"
"keyvalues" {
"ListName" "StandardWeapons"
"ChanceForNone" "0.0"

RemoveEntity - Needs to have an origin+classname+radius feature as well as targetname :)

ReplaceEntity - Can we also get an origin and radius here too?? Sometimes we only want to replace one entity in the map.

Custom Ammo SpecialType - I know it's not implemented yet, but when it is, can we get a min and max ammo amount to give for each type? Would be useful for simulating picking up an enemy's magazine. You never know how many bullets he had left.

Damage Type Effects - Just a thought, how about adding some special effects to certain damage types (for example DMG_ACID) so that when (lets say) a custom weapon uses it there may be a chance to trigger the special effect. In the instance of DMG_ACID we could probably makeup a particle effect pretty easily that looks similar to the Fallout Style dissolve seen here (

Targetname Inheritance - In SMOD, an NPC added by mapadd with additionalequipments, the weapon inherits its targetname from the NPC.  Also if we could get the ragdolls to do the same.

Title: Re: An appeal to the Gods...
Post by: BIZ on May 30, 2020, 09:18:03 PM
Some more thoughts..

- The world model keyvalue for the "item_item_crate" and "item_item_crate_mini" entities are broken in SMOD. Would be nice to specify another custom breakable model for these so we could for instance: make an item crate look like a regular old wood crate and hide them in plain sight.

- A keyvalue for health and arrmor pickups that could control how much health/armor is given by the pickup. This would override the associated sk_ cvar if defined.
Title: Re: An appeal to the Gods...
Post by: BIZ on July 30, 2020, 03:51:40 PM
How to BUFF instant_trig making it too OP

"touchname" & "touchclass" - let us define the entities that can activate the trigger, either by enitity classname or targetname. Let us use both in the same trigger.

let us add multiple entries in the "touch*" keys:
ex: "touchclass" "npc_metropolice:npc_headcrab:prop_physics:!player"

Add a filtering system. Obviously "filter_*" entities would be the holy grail here. but if those don't work (like they don't in SMOD) then some kind of filter keyvalue would be sweet. Like 1=strict, 2=either, 3=neither

Code: [Select]
"touchname" "bill"
"touchclass" "npc_citizen"

"FilterType" "1" //strict; activator must be npc_citizen named bill.
"FilterType" "2" //either; activator can either be npc_citizen or entity named bill.
"FilterType" "3" //neither; activator may not be npc_citizen or entity named bill.

"hurt" keyvalue. Trigger does this amount of damage to activator. Negative values should heal. Maybe add a "damage_type" keyvalue also to simulate a trigger_hurt.

"Velocity" keyvalue. Apply this much speed to the trigger activator. Also a "velocity_direction" "X Y Z" keyvalue. :)

"targetname" keyvalues. Let us name our instant_trigs. It would be super great if these could be parented to other objects. Could do some absolutely wild stuff.

"StartDisabled" keyvalue. Would be nice to be able to turn instant_trigs on and off. Of course we would need some way to name them to be able to switch between being enabled/disabled. Being able to name and turn triggers on and off would eliminate the need for the old smod "group" and "removegroup" keys. This would also make the "noclear" keyvalue much more useful, and much less situational.
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