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October 21, 2012, 04:38:12 AM by BIZ
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Finally, finally, finally, a version of TESVEDIT has been released. After months of snafus with other editors, this one looks to be stable and non-plugin corrupting ;)

Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your mods

You can download the program here - https://code.google.com/p/skyrim-plugin-decoding-project/downloads/list
Here is the official forum thread - http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1418088-relz-tes5edit/
annd a guide on the CK wiki - http://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit

October 20, 2012, 03:00:50 PM by Pepsifan04
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That's my first ever try to make a tut (I'm no good with explaining things)
all the files that I've used are here: http://www.mediafire.com/?j1z5eu0046yd8  + little extras

I'm using Milkshape 3d and attaching "scope.ms3d".
The materials.7z file contains all the textures that I've been using

Scroll down for Troubleshooting

normal view


You can add VMDOF (viewmodel deph of field) in ironsight, and make it end just before scope, this will make it blur for a (less than)second when shooting(scope comes closer)

Most Common Problems:
1. If your scope looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/kbljP.jpg
       You need to Properly (re)coordinate textures, and you need to do that every time you decompile the model

2. My scope has missing textures
       a. Pathfiles in your .qc file are not showing proper directories for textures

       b. Pathfiles in .VMT files are not showing proper directories for textures

3. My Scope is not showing anything, just lense material like normal
Code: [Select]
r_subviewcam 1 in console and restart smod, type in console
Code: [Select]
restart3.b SMOD crashes when I'm trying to use weapon with Rt scope on it
        Put your weapon to precache in mapadd to prevent game crashes Thanks to  gpgpgpgp

4. My Scope constantly stays on, no mater if I'm using it or not
        You need to add overlay texture for rt_scope material
Code: [Select]
"OverlayTexture" "models\weapons\v_models\Addons\Scope\glare"  <--glare.vtf is an overlay in this caseand full
Code: [Select]
"$basetexture" "models\weapons\v_models\Addons\Scope\scope_rt"
"$model" "1"
"Proxies" {
"SubViewCam" {
"ReplaceTexture" "$basetexture"
                        "OverlayTexture" "models\weapons\v_models\Addons\Scope\glare"
"DefaultAlpha" "1"
"SightedAlpha" ".1"
"BufferID"         "0"
"Size" "512"
"FOV" ".06"

5. My Scope is mirrored
    You need to mirror the polygons/vertexes in milkshape:
     Select scope_rt vertexes and:

        a. If it's mirroring horizontally:
        go to "vertex" menu and select "mirror left - right"
        re-position the lense, re-coordinate textures, and compile

        b. If it's mirroring Vertically:
        go to "vertex" menu and select "mirror top - bottom" (I've never seen a scope mirroring vertically,  0.01% chance to happen, or less)
         re-position the lense, re-coordinate textures, and compile

6. I'm still getting the old (2d) scope not 3d one
         Delete/comment out Scope section in your weapon_custom## file

7. My scope is not moving along with weapon/moving along with wrong part of it
         You have not assigned your scope model to any bone/ You have not assigned your scope model to wrong bone (that's model hacking issue you noob)

In most cases Re-doing the scope fixes the problem,
so use your creativity to fix problems, also don't forget to make a backup before any modification, Have Fun!

If you have troubles with understanding me or anything else,
just say that, that'll help me to improve the quality of those tutorials
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