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Author Topic: SMOD2 Translated Readme  (Read 9724 times)

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SMOD2 Translated Readme
« on: November 09, 2009, 02:22:38 AM »
For SMOD2_03

This is the translated readme file for the latest version of SMOD 2. I will no longer be fixing up the English on it and stuff, unless the_author changes the layout or something. You can find the changelog near the bottom of the text.

All older versions will be archived HERE.

Code: [Select]

. smod (2) 03

. 1 destination following


. smod from smod (2) to

Smod is earlier, HalfLife2 as a code for the MOD, Valve has released the first time we have developed the original SDK.
HalfLife2 code is improved by Valve that they were, smod problem by developing methods,
EP1 was no longer follow the most current code.
Ultra suitably adopting the latest technology, like some, have a cheat, get busy in work
OrangeBoxSDK or a half-hearted appearance, and it was a desire to feel good削Ga, Temashita stop development.

This is per the end of 2008.

Had been suspended during the development, how to SMOD OrangeBox conclusions derived after thinking of going with the
"Not a simple port" was.

Reasons for this idea is simple, OrangeBoxEngine bugs have been resolved and in which the newly introduced
To take advantage of features, OrangeBoxEngine was to decide the need for extending the code.

SMOD is as you know, (probably) the oldest mod has been created from the source.
SMOD source code, in the end did not fix the bug Valve, OrangeBox ability to wind and
They still contained in many fine-tuning is full of uncertainty and wasted.

I, OrangeBoxEngine with one of the features of the "stability" and so I have to
Also take advantage of its stability and therefore, do not take them directly to the program code
I'm trying is working.

smod (2) development of policy
1. Insist from the beginning.
2. As Well Well, repeat function to add a little disclosure.
3. Build slowly.
4. Akitara rest

smod (2) is, smod OrangeBox instead of porting the engine,
Episode Two singles play for fun make a mod.
So, I think you and customization features take a backseat.

Incidentally, that in the future we are trying to avoid modifying the original code too.
And rather, the purpose of this is the best.


SMOD (2) is newly developed mod for OrangeBox Engine.
SMOD (2) adds the function little by little at each update.
This is a development approach similar to previous SMOD.
It is not compatible with previous SMOD any longer.

In short, SMOD is not ported to OrangeBox Engine.

Sorry for my bad English.

. For this

MOD is for Single Player

. MOD are required to play, and that

ˇ HalfLife2 Episode Two
Chitokomando, in the use of本編

Unlike the old PC specs, so I'm also getting better, and
Related effects, all in the initial value will be ON.
Please set other options if desired.

. When available

The attached file is to check the latest pattern VirusBuster. (Is that so the dll is a virus into place)
Thank you for use at your own risk

--- Notes ---

UT in the game and in languages such as Farcry Unlike MOD, Quake is a strain of the Source engine MOD
On how it works, you can operate your computer almost defenseless state.

This MOD does, unless specified by the user, and other programs to watch a folder for you.

I do this because we provide the MOD Anonymous, if "not trust" that if,
Please avoid using.
In addition, the primary destination for something other than a mirror-like download or administrator,
So thank you bon appétit available in mind that there may be tampering with the binary.

. How to start

1. Came out to expand the folder into a folder sourceMOD
2. Start from STEAM

. Description of additional weapons

weapon_shovel a shovel.
weapon_lasergun a laser gun.
is Sutoraidakyanon weapon_stcannon.
weapon_flamethrower a flamethrower.
Hunters use the weapon_hunterdarts darts.
The launcher weapon_physlauncher things.

Smod old set of weapons is almost identical, and all head "smod_" is obvious.

. Added NPC

raises Antoraion npc_antlion_worker work.

. And somehow commands added

Command ..
Gordon繰Ri出Shimasu kick_action kick.

Weapons-related .. (_weapon_)
weapon can be fired infinitely smod_weapon_infinity smod was added.

Related .. kick (_kick)
Specify smod_kick_legmodel1 HEV model with no legs at suit.
Specify the foot smod_kick_legmodel2 HEV suit model.
smod_kick_powerscale power of the kick (in the sense damage) to specify the magnification.
smod_kick_gappoiball 1: Geo-don emits waves.
smod_kick_gappoipower specifies the minimum energy required to wave Geo-don.
Disconnect smod_kick_unfreeze fixed physical objects.
smod_kick_force the strength of the kick (in the sense of energy) to specify the magnification.
smod_kick_delaytime specify the timing of the kick caused the collision detection.
smod_kick_duration kick for the hour of animation.

Also .. NPC (_npc_)
smod_npc_damage_filter do the damage to be given to friends.
0: Permitted Attack 1: HL2 Default 2: Kung
decision adds smod_npc_headshot NPC head shot.
Remove the head of the zombie smod_npc_zombie_headcrabless club.
Adjust the speed of the smod_npc_movement_speed NPC.

.. The painting (_r_)
Dainamikkuraito smod_r_dynamiclight add your own.
View smod_r_moreparticles increase the amount of particles.
smod_r_physdebris generates fragments using physical objects.

.. Brutal expression (_gore_)
smod_gore smod make a unique expression.

Ragdoll related .. (_ragdoll_)
enable the Sabaragudoru smod_ragdoll_sv smod.
跳Bimasu smod_ragdoll_z_velocity on
smod_ragdoll_toclient time specified in seconds Kuraiantoragudoru transition.
Sabaragudoru smod_ragdoll_collision_type around the decision to change.
smod smod_ragdoll_action 0 and that'll stop the operation of the Ragdoll.
Or you want to put a stop to the fallen from a high place or a ragdoll.
smod_ragdoll_params "scripts / smod_ragdollparams.txt" to change the settings according to the ragdoll.
Reload to reload the map.

Also .. mapadd (_mapadd_)
Random smod_mapadd_ignore_node_radius the event, set to prevent the player near the start.
smod_mapadd_ignore_node_inwater at random occurrence, do not occur during the above waist-deep water.

Also .. disabled (_disable_)
Disable smod_disable_addcontents 1 and adding content to set.
Set your smod_disable_mapadd 1, mapadd not use.
smod_disable_kick 1 a set, you can not kick.

.. Other
smod_override_classname "scripts / smod_overrideclasses.txt" of the entity according to
Then the replacement.

. Answers to questions that may be well known how to deal with the problem

Change the texture of the foot ..
Without having to leave because I care.

.. Come to the dialog
Out at the famous place of the current lack of kernel memory SourceEngine issue.
I feel that the Vista OS and Microsoft was saying it's OK to above.

SMOD before the feature .. Yoppee than something
So fresh, is a little feature.
Updated about 40 times, before finally smod as much as I would.

.. Why (2)
SMOD version 2, instead
SMOD is why the first two pieces.

Version number ..
Is the same as before.
And make significant improvements and added, +1
Deal with bugs, etc., are obvious letters back.

Since there will always be ..?
Temasen order is determined.

Using the depth buffer, so I made so many look forward to something,
Shader-related and related UI is going to be postponed.
※ was Mosou SMOD before.

Theater usher in the blood is dirty ..
Smod before I do it from, for clarity whether the bullet hit, we're with a bang.
So this is not the aim, and without it where I Ppoku SOF3.
(SOF3 is clear lap two I liked a lot. 2980 fine before I bought the yen.)

Development ..
Is VisualStudio was in about 2005, PC before you leave.
Milkshape or gimp graphics or I or your luck at a reasonable guy.

. Things like change

.. Smod (2) 03 (2009/12/20)
Additional features ...
Add ˇ smod_spreading_fire
Fire entities, other entities燃E移Rimasu.
The higher the number燃E移Ri harder.
Material or not, so check, but to what燃E移Rimasu.
Add ˇ npc_ccombine_s
For configuration, scripts / smod_customcombines.txt see
Entity "combinename" and you put a name,
is roughly the same as or is smod_npc_ccombine_s_default npc_czombie.
Add ˇ smod_phys_fragility
Smod the former as a function of phys_easilybreak.
Add ˇ smod_disable_weaponlower
Oroshimasen even for a gun to friends.

- Fixed a certain point toward the direction of blood erupted from the ragdoll Su
Kick, increased animation
Configuration files, command completion,
change from smod_aclist.txt smodaclist.txt.
Also reads the file name before.

.. Smod (2) 02 (2009/11/22)
Additional features ...
Additional features ˇ mapadd
So far, the former smod has the same specifications.
ˇ NPC movement speed and change, "movespeed" additional key field
Add ˇ smod_npc_movement_speed
You can adjust the speed of the entire NPC.
Add ˇ smod_override_classname
Configuration file "scripts / smod_overrideclasses.txt" according to
NPC差Shi替Emasu the subject.
Add ˇ smod_ragdoll_params
Each model to adjust the behavior of the Ragdoll.
Set the "scripts / smod_ragdollparams.txt" see
Add ˇ smod_mapadd_ignore_node_radius
Add ˇ smod_mapadd_ignore_node_inwater
Control node to be the basis of random occurrence.
node radius is close to the player
inwater node will ignore the deep water.
Add ˇ npc_czombie
Types of zombies, "zombiename" can be specified in the key field.
If not specified, smod_npc_czombie_default will be used.
How to implement it is not confirmed, may change the specifications for the future.
Set the "scripts / smod_customzombies.txt" see
Add the ability to load files ˇ smod node
'll Start at boot time, put a picture of one.
Terao Satoru's like, please do not worry.

ˇ G_ragdoll_maxcount modified to hold the value of
Modify the texture of the foot,
※ "episodic 2007 shared.gcf" because you took the texture is like a nuisance.
Head ˇ weapon_stcannon_bfgsprite I forgot to put the correct smod
ˇ Hpc correct handling of the buffer was changed to save the path option
I just did not back decals, paint cans.

.. Smod (2) 01a (2009/11/09)
Additional features ...
- Addition of Kasutamukurosuhea
scripts / smod_crosshair.txt Please refer to.
Spread functions, such as when shooting at moving or still attached Temasen. I fixed a little in the open state.

ˇ-Hpc Bug fix so that did not work.

.. Smod (2) 01 (2009/11/08)
Additional features ...
Additional features, reading external content
smod same,-hpc option, addcontents.txt specification.
Add the launcher, materials

, Have released a zombie is fixed and combine Heddoshottodameji
Sabaragudoru the body of a zombie, and the club head

.. Smod (2) 00 (2009/11/07)
smod (2) trial
Additional features ...
4, one of the old weapons, weapon add one new one
Implementation of the kick, Gordon
Model is odd.
Now that you specify in the model, even when you can kick without a suit.
Damage to colleagues, set
Command completion, additional
Extender particles,
Particles in the blood, OrangeBox engine
I changed the particle.
Otherwise, before you leave.
Gradually replaced.
Sabaragudoru, some of

. MOD, etc. The model is used to convert

.. Smod own content

You may want to use other MOD. There is no need for contact.

.. Mod modification for release

Permit is required. Please my belly.

Is not altered but still functional as possible.

. Apology

Sorry Mod and suitable description of the building.

. Distribution

Chosen, because it is now set a special board, there are previous versions, including the distribution page
Is the primary destination.

Current 2009/10 -> http://accept.hopto.org/smod/

Connection has failed, and the primary distribution and mirrors, if you find it hard to get the file
I appreciate your passing is fine at the discretion of each individual.

If there is a primary destination, the better to download the file from there and is very safe.

Forum administrator, the primary destination, if you cause any disadvantage, other than leave without notice to the administrator of the board
May cancel the public in the future.

. Other

Smod installed earlier, two people who capped more than a minute to load and is very grateful to our.
smod (2) you can reach the realm of smod is unclear, please do not wait in hope.

License for Lua 5.0 and later versions

Copyright (c) 1994-2008 Lua.org, PUC-Rio.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a
copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"),
to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation
the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
and / or sell copies of the Software,
and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so,
subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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Re: Translated Readme
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updated for smod2_03 :)


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