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Author Topic: Crylife - The final hours - Dev end livestreams  (Read 2909 times)

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Crylife - The final hours - Dev end livestreams
« on: November 08, 2015, 10:11:32 PM »
There's no return, I've said it, and it needs to be done...

The last finishing touches (mostly mapads) to Crylife will be made LIVE on my livestream @ http://www.hitbox.tv/Pepsifan04
Whole process is planned to take no more than 6 days, 6 hours per day, that's total of 36 hours, below you can find a schedule for upcoming livestreams (dd-mm-yyyy):
*please note that "contents" for each stream might change due to some things taking less/more time than expected

Day 1 - 13-11-2015 : 10am to 4pm (UTC+1)stream  has been  cut short  due to personal reasons. most of the work will be done off stream"System check" - I'm gonna test every feature implemented in Crylife and try to fix any bugs that might appear + take a quick look through weapon scripts to make sure they are consistent and make sense

Day 2 - 16-11-2015 : 7am to 1pm (UTC+1)"Red kanal trains " - First look at "trainstation" maps, add needed relays and some easter eggs, make respawning in Kleiner's lab reliable, first touches to "Route Kanal", difficulty scaling, first weapon unlocks and maybe first weapon mod unlocks

Day 3 - 17-11-2015 : 8am to 2pm (UTC+1)"Hazardous guns" - I'm gonna work my way through maps for "Route Kanal", more difficulty scaling, weapon placements, and first implementations of scripts for ripping off mouted guns - general test and final decision: should I include them in final release or not

Day 4 - 18-11-2015 : 8am to 2pm (UTC+1)"Zombies in Black Mesa" - First touches to "Black Mest East" maps, player first steps in "Ravenholm", plus a start in "Highway 17" chapter, and a second challenge: giving player the gravity gun

Day 5 - 19-11-2015 : 8am to 2pm (UTC+1)"Sand" - optimization of the HL2 Jeep, mapadds for "Sandtraps" chapter, Start in "Nova Prospekt" chapter  mapadds + "Entanglement" and a third challenge: giving player the RPG launcher

Day 6 - 20-11-2015 : 8am to 2pm (UTC+1)"Anticitizen Freeman" - Finishing touches to game mechanics and overall feel of in-game combat - focus on player mobility and customization - General wrap-up

Remaining chapters are already done, and I don't want to change anything in them. only minor, off-screen adjustments, besides I donít wanna to spoil the ending ;).

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