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Title: SMOD Ironsight adjustment scripts
Post by: BIZ on May 23, 2020, 08:21:41 PM
Here are the ironsight_cfg scripts that somebody created, somewhere, at sometime.


1.) extract these 3 cfg files into .../<yoursmodfolder>/cfg

2.) Get in game and pull out the weapon you want to adjust.

3.) open dev console, type:
Code: [Select]
exec ironsite_cfg
It will automatically enable the following:
Viewmodel adjust mode.
Crosshair on
developer mode on
Increases time that developer messages are displayed on screen.
Outputs instructions to developer console.

BINDS viewmodel adjust keys to the NumPad (keypad):
Keypad 4 = move left
Keypad 6 = move right
Keypad 7 = small move left
Keypad 9 = small move right
Keypad / = move up
Keypad 0 = move Down
Keypad 8 = small move up
Keypad 2 = small move down
Keypad + = move foward
Keypad - = move back
Keypad 1 = swing right
Keypad 3 = swing left
Page Up = roll right
Page Down = roll left
Keypad 5 = Display coordinates

4.) Use the keys to adjust your model until you have it lined up where you want it. Generally you want the front post aligned with rear sight and both of those on the crosshair. This will vary from model to model of course, use your judgement.

5.) When the model is where you want it, press Keypad 5.
This will output code to the console.

6.) You basically copy these outputs into your customweapon script in this section:
Code: [Select]
        "right" "0.0"
        "up" "0.0"
        "forward" "0.0"
        "fov" "0"
        "pitch" "0.0"
        "yaw" "0.0"
        "roll" "0.0"

7.) When you are all done, open the dev console and type:
Code: [Select]
exec ironsite_cfg_off
This unbinds the vmodel adjust keys, plus turns off the viewmodel adjust mode, etc.