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Title: News from the Discord (v05 features)
Post by: BIZ on June 27, 2020, 01:43:02 AM
AnOldLady has been posting frequent updates on the discord about the next BSMOD update v05 and its progress. I know they are not super active here so I figured I would share the progress. Join the discord here:

The next update is focused around the BSMOD arsenal, as well as the custom weapon system, including melee weapons and custom explosives!

If you are unfamiliar with SMOD, the custom weapon system was pretty robust and allowed you to create your own weapons from scratch to add to the game or you could port in existing weapons from other source games like Day of Defeat or Counter Strike Source (including the thousands of skins available on sites like FPSBanana).

Here are some sneak peeks that have been posted of the custom weapon scripts:


Burst fire mode is now working.
Fire modes have been restricted to automatic weapons only.


Magazines will now be dropped on the ground during reloads.
Here is an example video of the system in action:

Added a bulletcount next to shotcount
BulletCount = how many bullets to fire out. eg. Shotgun
ShotCount = how many bullets taken out from the magazine. eg. for double barrel shotguns or something

Added Silencer option. Basically it wont alert NPCs if you shoot

All the viewmodel activities supported so far, for you animators out there.

And last but not least, the glorious return of the SMOD SVD sniper rifle:


Sporting the classic 2x - 8x scope you all know and love.
Also has supported weapon chambering

It is also sporting a new upgrade, check it out:

There is also a cvar "sm_weapon_svd_music 1" for cinematic ranged shots.
When enabled:
No bullet drop
Bullet travels slower
Plays music of your choice as defined in the Script Sound. (Yes you can use mp3s)

Title: Re: News from the Discord (v05 features)
Post by: SMOD guy on June 27, 2020, 04:14:29 AM
I look forward to it!
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