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Title: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 10, 2021, 06:28:12 PM
AnOldLady has released BSMOD v0.5, download it here:

This explanation was posted to the bsmod channel in the BSNOOCH discord, which you can join here:

Quote from: AnOldLady
Okay so there's no easy way to say this, but BSMOD is in a state where it's in a mess and it makes me very unhappy to work on it.
I would like to send my apologies on the quality of the mod, it's isn't done right and it wasn't of any acceptable quality to be released.

However, recently I have decided and have already started to re-work BSMOD entirely to...
1. Clean up code
2. Polish features
3. Not have long awaiting releases anymore

The idea is that I want to release updates, as I update. This is to eliminate ridiculously long months of waiting for a release of any kind, and allows feedback to be sent back to me easier. In order to do this, BSMOD is being re-written. That means BSMOD v0.5a is almost vanilla at this point. Features are slowly polished and re-added into the mod. I know some might not like the idea of having a new base release with less features than the previous, but I can promise that all the features will come back, polished, and with some changes to a few of them. Polishing may result in some features getting changed for the better, of which of course I will explain why.
The important thing about doing this, is that it allows me to have a clear control over the 3 key points mentioned above.
I will leave it up to the majority, if you wish to have a new base release with barely any features at the moment, but constantly gets updates,

-Upvote up arrow for "Yes I don't mind having a bare base mod temporarily and get constant updates".

-Upvote down arrow to wait for BSMOD v0.5a to reach v0.4a level before getting released with constant updates.

Again, my apologies and I want to thank you all for your continued support, and I hope that you all will understand why I feel that this new method of releasing will benefit us all.

The poll was overwhelmingly in favor of an early bare bones release, with updates released more frequently. Which means this release is not feature complete, but updates will be coming out quicker.
Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 10, 2021, 06:29:56 PM
New base client released:

v0.50a -- 2021/01/07

Gordon Punch added.
Suit/suitless Gordon block added.
Gib2 added + cleanup.
Ragdoll cleanup.
Raggib added + cleanup (cleanup uses ragdoll).
StickyGibs added + cleanup (cleanup uses gib2).
ShootingRange map added.
Foundations for NPCs.
NPCs gore gibs spawn (bones and brain gibs).
Improved sticky gib detection.
Improved ragdoll convulsion.
Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 10, 2021, 06:31:23 PM
New patch v0.5.1a released.
Install over top of latest base client.

v0.5.1a -- 2021/01/10

-Headshot gibs now spouts only brain gibs.
-Ragdoll gibbing restored.
-Improved handling of ragdoll gibbing.
-Improved raggib velocities.
-Raggibs that spawn in the ground will delete itself to prevent crashing.
-npc_gib_model.txt now supports "targetname". Named ragdolls will gib according to script.
-Added "Health" and "CollisionType" to ent_text for ragdolls, gib2 and raggibs.
-NPCs with names, will pass their name onto ragdoll, with _corpse. Eg, Bob dies, Bob's ragdoll is named "Bob_corpse".
-Ragdolls with names, will pass their name onto gibs. Eg, Bob_corpse when gibbed, his gibs will be named "Bob_corpse_gibs". Targetname gibbed ragdolls will know what to do.
-No gib effects at the moment.
-Foundation for NPC additional actions added.
-Primitive kick shove restored.
-Added subtitles (lol).
-Renamed some soundscripts in game_sounds_bsmod.txt.
-Renamed some sound files.

-sm_ragdoll_takefalldamage; Allows ragdolls to take damage from falling impact
-sm_ragdoll_physforce properly scales damage force now.
-sm_gore_gibhealth changed to sm_ragdoll_health (classic SMOD command)
-sm_gore_gib_health added; specify gib2/raggib healthpoints before breaking. Set -1 for unbreakable.
-sm_ragdoll_health; specify ragdoll health. Set -1 for unbreakable.
-sm_gore_gib_collisiontype; specify gib2/raggib collisiontype
-sm_gore_gib_candestroy removed; Use sm_gore_gib_health instead

I was playing around with ragdoll convulsions and I realised that you can create a quite a bit of cool convulsions, from classic SMOD to twitches to gasping for life (gotta use a little imagination). So I setup some commands to customise your own convulsions
-sm_ragdoll_convulsion_strength; Base strength of the convulsion
-sm_ragdoll_convulsion_magnitude; Max magnitude of convulsions, will decrease overtime
-sm_ragdoll_convulsion_interval; Max intervals between convulsions
-sm_ragdoll_convulsion_startdelay; Max seconds before starting
-sm_ragdoll_convulsion_amplifyscale; Amplify the whole thing
-sm_ragdoll_convulsion_length; Max length of convulsion
Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 13, 2021, 10:22:27 PM
New patch v0.5.2a is available.

v0.5.2a -- 2021.01.13

- Ragdoll options returned.
- Deathanimations restored.
- NPC shove now uses octagonal directions for a much more accurate shove direction. This makes it easier to control where you want NPCs to move.
- NPC shove into wall restored.
- NPC animation when shoved with a weapon restored (NPC with weapons scripts that has "AnimPrefix" set to pistol or crowbar will not play this animation).
- NPC killed will also pass his name to the weapon he's holding. Eg. Bob dies, his dropped weapon name is now "Bob_weapon".
- NPC fall damage restored, with some polishing to fall damage and improved handling.
- Able to kick NPCs off edges restored, improved handling.
- Kicking an NPC into another NPC will cause the second NPC to stumble too lmao.

- sm_npc_has_deathanimation returned.
- sm_npc_has_deathanimation_headshot returned.
Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 14, 2021, 09:44:13 PM
New patch v0.5.3a released

v0.5.3a -- 2020/01/14

- Fixed NPCs falling while having rappel waiting animation.
- Brain gibs float in water.
- Improved NPC detection of a ledge when shoved.
- Fixed NPCs killed by Fall Damage bouncing up.
- Improved NPCs falling detection.
- Fixed cardboard boxes being spies.
- Fixed vortigaunt deathanimations not playing.
- npc_replace_model returned.
Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 17, 2021, 09:50:43 PM
v0.5.4a patch released

v0.5.4a -- 2020/01/17

- Mod no longer needs "upcoming" on Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer. Please set beta back to "none". (Thanks Zoldat)

- Kick sound returned.
- Additional kick features (kick door/ammo crate/unfreezephysics) returned.

- Fixed a small bug with NPCs turning when taking damage.
- Fixed the falling bug on NPCs when they aren't falling.
- Fixed npc_replace_model and added support to all humanoids for now.
- This also stops NPCs from being in the ground and not being able to play their scripts.

- Can now spawn odessa via npc_odessa
- Can now spawn medics via npc_citizen_medic
- Can now spawn ammo resupply via npc_citizen_ammo
- Can now spawn rebels via npc_citizen_rebel
- Can now spawn downtrodden via npc_citizen_downtrodden
- Can now spawn refugees via npc_citizen_refugee
- npc_metropolice won't attempt to pull out a pistol anymore if he doesn't have one.
- npc_odessa can be used uniquely in npc_replace_model.txt
- Can now spawn Elite via npc_combine_e
- Can now spawn Prisonguard via npc_combine_p
- Can now spawn Shotgunner via npc_combine_sg
- NPC melee for some NPCs restored. Needs a cleanup, but for now this will have to do.
- NPCs can drop weapon_citizenpackage on death.
- Increased Breen/Eli/Kleiner/Magnusson's health to 40.
- NPCs killed by prop punts and physics objects do not play deathanimations.
Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 24, 2021, 05:45:41 PM
v0.5.5a patch released

v0.5.5a -- 2021/01/24

- Reduced npc_metropolice melee attack interval (cops were on roids back then).
- Polished up NPC melee. NPC unarmed combat now has light attacks (fists) and heavy attacks (kick).
- Light attacks have a small chance to stumble an enemy, while heavy will always stumble.
- Reduced NPC kick speed.
- NPC unarmed combat kills actually apply correct forces to dead bodies now.
- NPCs on deathanimation will flinch when attacked, and will ragdoll if taken too much damage.
- Added flinches again; Improved Flinch handling.
- Added custom recoils to NPCs for SMG1 and AR2 (for now).

- DMG_CLUB will not trigger death animations anymore (This means most melee weapons, as well as NPC unarmed combat).
- Cleaned up bsmodimations_male.mdl.
- Cleaned up a bit of bsmodigesures_male.mdl (will continue to do so next patch).
- Added CS:S TMP reload support.
- Switched AnimPrefix of SMG1 to "TMP".

- Fixed an apparent 2 year old bug with shove that nobody noticed :X.
- Fixed backward shotgun deathanimation not playing.
- Fixed NPCs that are special not having blood/gibs (Kleiner, Alyx etc...).
- Fixed Stalker not having blood/gibs.
- Fixed a bug with some NPCs ragdoll unable to bleed/gib.

- NPC will hang on a ledge when shoved off of it.
- Allied NPCs will try to save hanging NPCs.
- Use sm_experiment 1 to activate (MALE ONLY).

Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on January 30, 2021, 06:14:34 AM
patch v0.5.6a released.

v0.5.6a -- 2021/01/29

- Fixed Gordon kick on ragdolls (should behave more like smod now).
- Added sprint for suitless Gordon.
- Fixed player still able to attack after death.
- Fixed sm_gordon_kickfirerate command.
- Added Powerstomp feature; Do a super jump to power stomp on the ground/enemies.

- Restored citizen yakyak gestures.
- Restored citizen betrayal speech.

- Zombies will no longer do jiu jitsu.
- Fixed Zombies double hand attack damage (Valve used the wrong code).
- Zombies blood is default red unless headshotted then its yellow.
- Fixed Zombies not gibbing.
- Fixed Headcrabs not getting shot off.
- Fixed Torsos and Legs not spawning.

- Fixed zombies being able to hang.

- Fixed props that ragdoll, giving out blood on collision.
- Fixed corpses not spawning.
- Fixed raggib spawns.
- Reduced the number of damage taken in a deathanimation to ragdoll.
- Shoving an NPC at a door will swing it open.
- Reduced ragdoll shove kill force.
- Fixed shove animations resetting when players are touching NPCs on shove.
- Fixed sm_airboat_noflip command.
- NPCs will sometimes shoot the corpses after killing them.
- Updated keyboard key listing.
- Added NPC fall damage sounds.
- Unlocks all chapters on game start.

- Cleaned up female/male gestures + animations.
- Separated NPC attachments into a different file called bsmodittachments.mdl. This file is used to customise your own attachments on NPCs for the upcoming equipment_kits.
- Polished NPC reloads, recoil for both male and female skeletons for SMG1.

Title: Re: BSMOD v0.5 release + new info
Post by: BIZ on February 22, 2021, 01:30:11 AM
patch v0.5.7a is released

v0.5.7a -- 2021.02.21

-npc_equipment_kits 2.0 added.
-Basically a merger between smod's npc_shieldset and my previous npc_equipment_kits
-This time it's split into two text files, npc_equipment.txt and npc_equipment_kits.txt
-Supports classname and targetname
-Not much of a tutorial, but see the text files for examples on how to use them
-In the text files there are many examples of how to use them and what parameters that can be set. Do look through those!
-Try them out yourself, fiddle with the script. See models/sourceenthusiast/ for more models of equipment kits

-Base implementation of weapon_custom added
-Polished weapon recoil
-SMG1 stats now editable

-Updated bsmodittachments.mdl
-Updated many attachments relative to female/male bodies
-Gave universal attachments to humanoids (eg. forward, eyes, LHand, RHand)
-Classic SMOD Dissolve returned with some refinements
-Fixed brain gibs spawning blood away from itself
-npc_replace_model.txt now allows specification of female/male models.
eg. "npc_citizen;f" means Female. Males use m.
-Fixed NPC bullet spread
-Fixed NPC shooting NPCs on deathanimation and ragdolls

-sm_citizen_refugee_as_rebel; To prevent clipping with equipment kits, game uses refugee models and rebels instead
-sm_npc_enable_equipmentkits; Enables equipment kits to apply on NPCs

-SourceEnthusiast; for providing so many assets for equipment kits.
-Luc1dox; for helping flesh out some features for equipment kits.
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