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January 01, 2014, 10:10:31 PM by BIZ
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User Antivirus_404 released a weapon pack last month, consisting of 8 new revolvers for SMOD. If you look through the archive, custom revolvers are one thing that has been sorely missing from SMOD for a long time. Please take a minute to check out the attached video and follow the link to the official support topic for the download.

SMOD Revolver Pack


(better late then never rite?)
January 01, 2014, 08:10:54 PM by BIZ
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User Pepsifan04 has posted and update to his Crysis themed mod SMOD: Crylife. This release is titled 1.6.9 PRCII, and is a pre-release candidate. As such you can expect to see some bugs and things. I have attached a link to release thread and included the changelog.


    Fully functional weapon modification based on bodygroups and map(add) math_counter and logic_case
    NHEV shortcuts:
    Press "sprint" button twice quickly to activate max speed
    Press "Kick/punch" button twice quickly to activate max strength and do power kick (it may bug out sometimes)
    Press "crouch/duck" button twice quickly to activate cloak
    Press "NHEV-shorcut" button one/two/three/four times to activate armour/strength/speed/cloak
    Gunshot sounds now "overlap" each other, and NHEV sounds not
    You can now select weapons with mousewheel and deploy the gun with LMB(by default)
    After pressing NHEV menu button you can use MW (default) to cycle trough NHEV modes, and release the NHEV button to select it  (overlays still need to be done)
    Lots of minor changes(see changelog)


    Textures/sounds are still on to do list so don't rage about them,(especially the scar model)but models are final
    No overlays ATM, look at the upper-right corner of the screen if you need some detailed info
    Most of Css maps won't work due to SDK2006 update that broke lua code
    You can now run the mod without owning HL2:DM(you still need it though)
    I'm aware of the "kick model bug"(while modding an left handed weapon you can see foot(kick) model)
    I'm in process of making secondary fire animations(nades)

September 02, 2013, 01:21:30 AM by BIZ
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Forum user Counter-Life has released a beta of his mod SMOD Realism. Please check it out and leave some feedback, so maybe he will continue to work on it in the future :)

Here is a brief summary of the mod and what it includes:
What is SMOD: Realism?
-SMOD: Realism is a Half-Life 2 modification using the famous "Super-Mod" as a base. It combines realistic gun behaviour with the world of Half-Life.

Key features:
-Over 30 weapons, including 30 new realistic weapons + Half-Life 2 weapons like the Gravity Gun and the classy crowbar.
-Randomized events in the HL2 singleplayer campaign, you never know what will happen even tough you already played the mod trough once.
-New NPCs, including L4D like Infected Zombies, The Bullsquid and Houndeye from Half-Life 1, Friendly Soldiers and alot of new Combine troops.
-Enhanced graphics thanks to SMOD.
-Half-Life 1 like squad members: press use on them to make them join your squad.
-Holdout and Zombie survival gamemode as optional download.

September 01, 2013, 05:07:19 PM by BIZ
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Forum user Mxthe has released the first chapter of his new mod Underhell. This is a remake of his 2011 SMOD mod.


Underhell ModDB page
August 18, 2013, 05:38:40 PM by BIZ
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SMMOD Ver. 18 is now out and it needs testing. Please leave bug reports here. A log of changes can be found here.


For the latest version please check: http://github.com/sirmastercombat/SMMOD
For archived versions please check: http://bsnooch.com/forums/index.php?topic=1066.0
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