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Author Topic: SMOD Redux - FINAL  (Read 81108 times)

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Re: SMOD Redux - FINAL
« Reply #90 on: March 22, 2018, 10:04:12 AM »
I like the fact that BSnooch has a large amount of weapon mods, but the only problem is that SMOD has a 30 custom weapon script limit. Which file controls it?

It's hard-coded into SMOD. But SMOD does allow editing of the "default" SMOD weapons, so that was a common way to have more weapons. At least I think that's what SMOD Tactical did.

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Re: SMOD Redux - FINAL
« Reply #91 on: January 15, 2019, 04:52:20 PM »
Guys i have a problem when im trying to download smod standalone versions the download gets stuck always in the same place (for 1.4 it gets stuck around 3%)

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Re: SMOD Redux - FINAL
« Reply #92 on: February 09, 2019, 05:43:49 PM »
So, I recently downloaded Smod final redux 1.5. Out of the gate, no issues. Until I got to the end of the mini episode (where's my boat). Right at that area, any time I attempt to load a quicksave, the game crashes with no error message. Even when loading saves, I have to make sure it is before the area in which I find the boat, otherwise, crash but no message.

edit: When loading from the main menu, the game works fine until the loading "game data" part. That is when it crashes without error. Also, the quick load problem has persisted to the next areas. Will attempt a new game starting later on in the campaign to see if it still persists.
« Last Edit: February 09, 2019, 06:00:21 PM by Rolanddeschain1 »

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Re: SMOD Redux - FINAL
« Reply #93 on: April 13, 2020, 11:08:55 PM »
Finally got around to releasing a new update. Took me forever to finally get this out, but here you go. :)

Code: [Select]
-Adjusted Battle Mode rewards - weapons are given at 30/60/90/120 money instead of 40/80/120/180.
-Added Dual Uzis, available as a secret pickup during the campaign or given as reward in BATTLE: Truss Bridge and BATTLE: Prison Yard.
-Added Annabelle as a usable weapon, carried during the campaign by Grigori or given as reward in BATTLE: Dried Lake.
-Changed recoil on the Golden Colts from punch to snap type. Reduced overall recoil.
-Adjusted recoil on the Desert Eagle to act more like the CSS version.
-Complete rebalance of Super Shotgun. Now a double-barrel, fires two shells at a time. Reduced magazine to 2. changed damage, rate of fire, spread, etc. Added Bullet Penetration. Removed Slug Mode.
-Complete rebalance of the Shredder. Reduced damage, now fires in automatic mode. Raised magazine to 8. Now has the Super Shotgun's old "Slug Mode" feature (activated by the Use key). Added fire mode toggle between full auto and semi auto. Reloads one shell at a time. Reduced amount of bounces of projectiles. Changed Shredder ammo type to buckshot.
-Adjusted timing on MP40 melee attack.
-Fixed an oversight on the M60 that caused it to never reach maximum inaccuracy.
-Changed Power Drink animation to be faster. Shortened pause between usage.
-Raised Alyx Gun damage from 5 to 8.

-Trimmed a few enemies from d2_prison_04.
-Attempted to fix possible crash issue when using Bullet-Time in d2_prison_04.
-Fixed a possible issue with manhacks in d3_breen_01 continuing to spawn during end cutscene.
-Reduced difficulty of elevator mine trap in d3_breen_01.
-Removed some combine mines in d3_breen_01.

-New Friendly Combine model.
-Metrocop eyes now have a blue glow.
-Tweaked Golden Colts fire animations.
-Updated .357 Magnum world texture.
-Adjusted Annabelle world texture for more detail.
-Adjusted M60 ironsight position.
-Edited Super Shotgun view and world meshes to reflect double-barrel action.
-Added new face texture for Grigori.
-Reduced flickering on "Slug Mode" graphic.
-Changed tracer effect of Shredder projectiles.
-Added envmaps to Tau Cannon, MP40, M1 Garand. Adjusted envmaps on Colts, MP5, Grease Gun.
-Adjusted ironsight zoom on the M1 Garand.
-Adjusted origin on Gauss Gun.
-Added spark effect to Gauss Gun firing.

-Replaced 9mm Pistol firing sounds.

-Added the following options to the "Configure SMOD Settings" menu:
Remove quickinfo bars
NPC weapon accuracy scale
Enable star Bloom shader
Dynamic light mode
-Updated credits.



How do you open the console i tried ~ and but nothing worked i would have changed it but there is no option in the options to change the button to open the console so im stuck because my game always crashes when im loading from ravenholm to highway 17 and i have an swiss keyboard if that helps.

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Re: SMOD Redux - FINAL
« Reply #94 on: May 27, 2020, 01:12:26 AM »
Is there a guide for the locations of all the weapons? Do you get them normally as you progress through the campaign, or are the weapons unobtainable in normal gameplay?

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Re: SMOD Redux - FINAL
« Reply #95 on: May 27, 2020, 04:57:59 AM »
In d1_canals_02 there is a cargo container spawned inside another cargo container, pls fix.  JuanMan