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Author Topic: Specific maps crash on Smod Redux 8 (with Smod standalone)  (Read 1005 times)

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Specific maps crash on Smod Redux 8 (with Smod standalone)
« on: October 13, 2016, 06:03:52 PM »
So Im getting this annoying error where if I load an specific map on Smod the game crashes with an "HL2.exe has stopped working" error

This happens when loading it by console or in HL2's campain, and I've searched trough the forums but I didn't find any answers. I've deleted the mapadd associated with the maps but they still crash.

The map I'm trying to load is d2_coast_11 (where you first meet Leon with the antlions), and judging by other posts on this forum, Im sure some of the C17 levels are going to crash too.

Also, I don't want to go to d2_coast_12, as I would have to spawn every weapon and coin manually. Does anybody know how to fix this shite?
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