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Author Topic: Requesting help and advice with Actor AI response system  (Read 475 times)

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Requesting help and advice with Actor AI response system
« on: August 29, 2017, 02:03:51 AM »
I've recently started working on a little addon for smod using the AI response system but i've ran into some snags with making it work, (because im not very good with source)

Question 1:

For instance, i have a response group set up as

speak "rebel.mandown1"
speak "rebel.mandown2"
speak "rebel.mandown3"

These are linked to a soundscript file using the standard 44100Hz 16 bit .wav file but i keep getting the error

"Couldn't instance scene for sound "Rebel.mandown1""
Now as far as i know because i used "speak" rather than "scene" I shouldnt require a .vcd for the sound to be played? Anyone know what im doing wrong?
EDIT: "CSceneEntity::GenerateSceneForSound:  Couldn't determine duration of Rebel.mandown1" This is also in a console output

EDIT2: Disregard that first question, forgot to load my soundscript into the sound manifest.

Question 2:

Is it possible to reference particular npc keyvalues such as the npc_citizen "citizentype" keyvlaue? I have tried making criterion specifically for this
"criterion "IsNotRebel" "citizentype" "!=3" required"
"criterion "IsRebel" "citizentype" "3" required"

but neither of these two seem to work.. I've thought about a work around by checking for specific models instead, but im not sure if thats possible. Any help would be appreciated

If it helps at all, https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Response_System is where ive gotten all my info so far.

Sorry for this mess of words, I'm very tired right now. if you want me to elaborate on either of the questions i will.
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