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Author Topic: Need a team to help develop a SMOD: NEW ORDER!  (Read 648 times)

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Need a team to help develop a SMOD: NEW ORDER!
« on: October 13, 2019, 04:20:21 PM »
Hi everyone! I need people to help me develop a mod based on SMOD. You may have already seen my project, it is called SMOD: NEW ORDER. I am the same fan of SMOD as you, and I do not want that-would mod after release was like a set of teksturok. In General me need people which are at: Edit\create model, those who will be able to place custom weapons on maps, and especially those who are at compile model specifically for SMOD! Thank you for your attention. Here is the link to the server in Discord: https://discord.gg/hC3gn3c
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Greetings from Russia!