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Author Topic: BSMOD Mapadds: what is new and what has changed from SMOD40  (Read 41 times)

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BSMOD Mapadds: what is new and what has changed from SMOD40
« on: April 04, 2021, 04:05:36 AM »
Here is a video on the new BSMOD mapadd system which was first implemented in v0.5.8a

Also attached to this post is my mapadd.cfg file
Download and drop in .../bsmod/cfg/
in-game, open console and input exec mapadd.cfg to use.

What it does:
Turns on cheats.
Turns on infinite aux power.
Turns on developer mode 1.
Shows current map name+fps+current position/angle in top right of screen.
Turns on instant_trig draw bounds.
Turns on BSMOD mapadd console printouts.
Gives mapadd tools to player.
Created npc's will have smg1.

Makes the following binds to the NumPad:
noclip to kp_slash
notarget to kp_multiply
turn AI on/off to kp_minus
sm_mapadd_getentitylocation to kp_plus
restart map to kp_enter
create combine at crosshair with keypad 7,8,9
create zombies with keypad 4,5,6
create citizens with keypad 1,2,3
get current player location to kp_ins
show entity name to kp_del
default gravity to pgup
no gravity to pgdn
4x game speed to end
normal game speed to home
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