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This section is for SMOD RELEASES ONLY.
You may create a new topic in the appropriate area to release your content. If you post anything off-topic here you will be temp-banned. This is so you don't hassle the moderators too much, they are volunteers.

If you need help with a release, post a reply in its thread. Do not start a new topic for help here!

Author Topic: RULES - READ BEFORE POSTING (UPDATED 11/18/09)  (Read 5315 times)

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« on: October 12, 2009, 05:31:57 PM »
This forum and it's sub-forums is for releases of content for SMOD and it's related mods. A place where i can release my own compiles and content or promote community-made ones. The main forum here is the only place where you'll be able to post topics in the archive. You'll only be able to reply to threads in the sub-forums here.

I also highly recommend you read the Install Instructions Topic before downloading files from here.

General board rules still apply to this section. But i have a few specifically for this area:

1: Keep Criticism Constructive and Clear.

I have no problem with constructive criticism here and encourage it. However i do ask that criticism be kept clearly-worded and with realistic expectations. Few things are more frustrating for a creator to receive vague feedback or see unrealistic or completely impossible suggestions. Criticism that is Destructive will not be tolerated.

On that note, i didn't make everything here. Criticism about SMOD content initially released by others such as tokotoko will likely fall on deaf ears since i don't expect them to visit here and some may have moved on from the community. Not that i will stop you from doing so, just don't expect them to respond.

2: Keep Discussion On-Topic.

I don't want to see politics, real-life issues, whining about last night's sports game or anything of the sort here. There's a General Discussion area for that. Keep discussion on the topic of SMOD and the release archive.

3: This Is Not The SMOD Help Section.

While any issues with content in the archive can and should be directed to the release's topic, don't make topics in here about issues or bugs in SMOD or it's mods here or for help modding it. If you do need help with issues or bugs with SMOD/Tactical/Redux i highly recommend The SMOD: Tactical Forums own help sections for them.

4: Don't Expect Requests to be Granted Here.

I'm a busy man. Working on two large-scale SMOD-mods means this archive is a side project i can't dedicate all my time to. While i do allow requests to be made here, don't expect me to answer all of them or even be able to do them. For a higher chance of having your request heard i recommend The SMOD: Tactical Forums request section.

5: Dead Links? Send Me A Private Message Instead.

Instead of "bumping" a topic to say that some links are dead, please send me a PM instead. Bumping here is discouraged and few people like to see a year-old topic brought up.

6: No Flaming. No Trolling.

Personal Attacks, Gimmick Posting, Baiting others to respond with attacks, and everything related to them is not tolerated here. Period.

7: These Are Not Officially Supported.

If for whatever reason, these files break your mod/game, Whining to The SMOD Author/Valve about it is the last thing you should do. The files hosted here are not supported by Valve or the respective mod authors of SMOD and it's related mods. I take no responsibility if somehow a file from here does damage to your computer.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The use of the content included in this archive may not be supported for certain versions of SMOD.

Unless otherwise noted, most of the content here is meant only for usage in Normal SMOD as released by "the_author". Unless otherwise noted i do not recommend installing or using the content here in anything else then SMOD 40a. Which as of the time of this writing is the latest version of SMOD as released by "the SMOD author". I will not give any assistance if you run into issues using content from this archive in non-supported mods (you can always find a list of supported mods in the release's topic) and i do not recommend you use any content here in unsupported mods. Especially ones that make substantial changes from the original SMOD release (CSS SCI FI, SMOD OUTBREAK).
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